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XXT Patented Outrigger System



XXT Patented Outrigger System

It allows the maximum stability and versatility in reduced spaces thanks to its patented outrigger system.
- To have access where others can not
- Stability of the machine thanks to the reduced number of extensible elements
- Distribution of the masses on "TWIN PIN" outriggers bearing point
- Reduction of the chassis torsions; preservation of the chassis from stresses
- Extreme versatility of employment:
Useful stabilization in close proximity of walls, streets and other obstacles
Casting of concrete for whole longitudinal reach in front of truck cabin
- Improvement of working field with less moves of the machine; reduction of timing of stands at site
It is composed of two telescopic front outriggers hydraulically slewable and two hydraulically slewable rear outriggers. There is only one bearing point for both outriggers. When opened, the concentration of all the tensions is in the centre of the machine so it absolutely more STABLE than all other systems. XXT system allows working with the boom in front of the cabin safely.